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I'm not an early morning riser, but happened to catch most of this episode while up at 7:00 on Father's Day morning. I was fetching a gift I had stowed at the office (so my husband wouldn't find it).




How could I have possibly missed Bobby McFerrin in concert when he was here in Lincoln a couple of years ago? How could I not know what an incredibly amazing experience it would have been? Listening to your program, I now know.

While not a spiritual person, I can entirely understand why Mr. McFerrin is. Music can do that to a person. I grew up in a very musical family. My parents, grandparents and almost all my aunts and uncles sang. My cousins sing. Nearly everyone in the family sings. My sister has a musical performance degree, she's currently a soprano with the Kennedy Center choir.

Our mother sang Ave Maria for nearly every wedding in her large Catholic family, and it often brought tears to my eyes. But listening to McFerrin perform it, I nearly broke down in sobs. What a stunningly beautiful rendition.

Thank you for making my morning.

Heck, thank you for making my week.