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I am a church organist. When I was listening to Bobby talk about what he wants to happen at a "performance" it suddenly struck me that, as an organist, this is what I hope for when I play for worship. That people will want to sing, that they'll feel the grace and love of God deep within them through the music and that they'll leave worship with a feeling of joy. That through the singing with others of faith around them, they will express themselves. I have never thought of myself as a performer, but I guess the best word is facilitator. Every piece of music I prepare for before, during and after the service, the way I play the liturgy and hymns, all of it is meant to facilitate worship within each individual person.

I am also a Preschool teacher. When he talked about singing when you're tempted, it reminded me of how, many times when things are chaotic in the classroom or behavior is not as I expect, I will just start to sing - not a song, but just words, names, etc and it has this calming effect on the children. Part of it is just probably that they're so shocked it gets their attention and diverts them from what they were doing. But it is almost magic that when I sing, they listen and respond so much more quickly than if I am talking.