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The moment I heard Bobby speaking about improv in music, how it moves the soul in a unique way, I became very aware of my practice of improv in dance. Music and dance, truly are one in the same, can hardly be separated. Indeed Bobby kept referring to music as movement.
I attend a dance group in Seattle, that meets once a week to dance, purely dance, with no other agenda. These groups are all over the country. I've danced in them in Texas, Hawaii, California, and here in Washington. Some go by the name Ecstatic Dance, some go by a variety of other titles. Usually the rules are: no talking, no shoes, and respect boundaries. From there one is free to do whatever arises. If you have the instinct to crawl across the floor like a cat, do it!
When I'm dancing, I am often surprised by a movement that comes over me, as if it came through me, not from me. Just my shaking my head a certain way, or tilting my hips, and suddenly a new movement can come out. I feel a sense of power, of connection. As as if the movement unlocks something in my body, and something mysterious comes out.
What is even more powerful is the experience of dancing with others. Sometimes at these dances, one might feel drawn to dance with another. You learn to ask with your eyes and with your body to see if they will join you. Recently I danced with a man I had never met before. We had a beautiful dance, with our eyes closed, sensing each other, supporting each other in whatever movement we made. It was profoundly intimate, though not at all sexual, and I felt that in our dance, that we were there to love each other, the way God loves us. I felt that my body was a conduit to show universal love.