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Words are very important, particularly in our public prayer. Words create worldviews! These new . . . er "old" words . . . are a conscious retreat from the energy & life Vatican II opened us to and show a disrespect or lack of understanding for a more inclusive anthropology of the human (the change from "and also with you" to "and with your spirit") and the theologically untenable claim that Jesus died for "many", rather than "all". Then there is the sexist language . . . And then there is the amount of money required to print and buy new sacramentaries, new hymn books, new congregational cards with the awkward, artificial and unpalatable prayers and responses, etc.

I find myself very SAD when at liturgy these days - a deep sadness comes over me that our public prayer, at the most sublime of spiritual experiences for the people of God, has been co-opted by those who want to romantically return to the world of their childhood. I expect the next change to be a complete reversion to the Latin. So far I have been unable to shake the sadness . . .