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The changes are a real distraction during Advent, a season of preparation, when we're supposed to be focused on the many ways in which Christ comes to us.  Instead, we're focused on special cheat sheet cards in the pews.  It draws our attention from the substance of the Mass to the form of the Mass.  Even the priest prayers have changed, so they spend more time reading than facing the congregation.  It's a step forward in the direction of universal text, but it's a step backward when it comes to experiencing the spiritual renewal that attending Mass provides.

Yes, this makes the words used more true to the Latin translation which makes the Church more universal ... in form.  (Keep in mind that in Spanish-speaking countries no change is necessary as they are already true to the Latin translation.)  But does using the more cryptic phrase "consubstantial with the Father" as opposed to the old "one in being with the Father" deepen anyone's faith?