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We solve the "problem of evil" by removing the "power of God". We can remove God's power because we gave it, so we can take it away. With a powerless God, evil is a function of "the void", the shadow we cast when we do not 'stand' directly under our 'light'. If we believe it is 'good' that we don't cast our shadow, then standing somewhat removed from the point directly under our 'light' and casting our shadow is somewhat less 'good', or the antonymous, more 'evil'. Our 'light', "the ideal reaction to the void", is "reaching out to the limits of our capacities, to others and to God." To the extent we "try to fill the void" which is determined by the length of the shadow we cast, we create 'evil'. Our freedom to choose where we stand is restricted by the shadow of humanity, the sum of our individual shadows. Today it is long.