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That  chasm between our longing and "the reality of God" is  huge in its dimensions because nobody knows what the "reality" of God really is. We're not comfortable with haze, so we try to capture it and stuff it into a little black box called "Dogma,"  but   the "reality" of God eludes us.  For example, what does it mean to say that God is the "redeemer?"   Notions of Divine grace---of "saving" and "redeeming" mankind--- lie at the core of Christianity.  These imply that we are so very, very bad.  Why? Well, we were once very, very good, but then we had the nerve to  eat from the tree of knowledge of good and evil.  In other words, we asked questions and were curious.  But if that's so bad, well, who made us that way? The notion of grace---that God is willing to save us from the very characteristics that he put into us to begin with---that's pretty convoluted.  Why would God do this? So he can look good by "saving" us?    Wasn't it bad enough that he had that little bet with Satan, at Job's expense?  Are we little pawns on some grand chess board? You write that God wants justice on earth.  Well, if you attribute to God the creation of the universe, then he didn't set a very good example.  Weren't things  set up unjust to begin with?   Some are born weak, others strong.  Some are born blind, or deaf, or lame.  Some contract deadly diseases; others don't.  People are the heroes here, working for centuries toward noble goals---to cure disease, for example, and to create just societies.  But, Heaven forbid I should say THAT!  That's committing the sin of PRIDE.  God's supposed to get the credit for it all.   I have to stop now.  It's advent.  Time to find a place of quiet within.