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Among the greatest joys of "On Being" is the admixture of spirituality and science. Those parts of me that revel in spirit and in scientific thought are enlivened by turns each week as I tend to my Sunday morning breakfast rituals.

This week's interview added another layer to my understanding of the nature of the Universe through a blend of science and metaphysical thought. With each new revelation from astro- or sub-atomic physics, the correlations between science and the cosmology of the Western Mystery Tradition come into sharper focus. Martin Reeses description of "bugs on sheets of paper" separated by a dimensional distance that we currently have no language to express comes very close to the ancient description of the Planes of Existence.

This week's program brought up another topic of importance to me: the tension between "religion" and science. The reason for the quotes here is to emphasize the fact that most or all of this disagreement arises between proponents of a "spirit-free" view of science and the exoteric forms of religion. Those of us in the esoteric religious community heartily cheer the advances in scientific thought because they help to clarify things that our ancient masters taught. Learning new ways to think about the world doesn't shatter my beliefs. Quite the opposite; it broadens and deepens my wonder at this ingenious Universe and I am forever grateful to live now, during an age of enlightenment!