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I thought that this was a very interesting podcast. I was interested the religious views of Lord Martin Rees because of the struggles that can sometimes come between religion and science. I was not surprised to find out that he was an atheist. As he was talking about what we don’t know about space, it’s hard to fathom something that goes on forever and what can be out there. I found his analogy with the bugs on a piece of paper very helpful in understanding his thinking. We go about life without thinking that there could be other life elsewhere. There is a lot to space that we don’t know and it’s hard to wrap our minds around the fact that there may be other life out there.
To me this podcast included a lot of science, which I think Rees has a hard time separating this from religion. He goes on to talk about how he is worried about the future of humans on earth. I personally view technology as a great thing that helps mankind. I have never put much thought about the bad that can come from it as well. I kept waiting for the connection to religion, and just under 30 minutes into the show he finally tells why he is atheist. With all the unknowns in the world and those he has found through science, he seems to struggle with religion because religion claims to have a deep understanding of reality. I can understand where he is coming from in that religion cannot explain every aspect of the universe. He seems to be the type that things need to be proved through science and experimenting. Obviously religion cannot be tested in this way.