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I am a zen meditator, and was fascinated by the use of the word origami, to describe the hidden structure of what we at we call space-time. It must be how the creatures, more highly evolved than us in dimensional status,
our "gods", so to speak, must see things.

Surely, we are not the ultimate of evolution.

As Alan Watts puts it, we as humans, are not just some accident of the universe. We are more than
random flashes of conciousness, between 2 eternal darknesses. We are being given the opportunity to evolve.
There is an old Taoist concept, which I discovered thru macrobiotics. It goes something like this: In your previous
existence, you had a 9 month life inside your mother, so you could develope the organs needed to survive on the
next level. During this time, you were sustained by the placenta, and after 9 months, you died, and were thrust
into this world, where your human body is now the placenta for the inner energy development, and our collective
mother is Mother Earth.
Our job is to develope the spiritual organs needed to survive on the next level, when our earth placenta dies,
and we are thrust out into the cosmic ocean.

I highly recommend the old book, Space, Time and Beyond, to understand how magical our human lives are. We cr
create our future event sequences, in a set of parallel universes, but we are confined to a linear time flow.
All done in our subconcious minds.

The Krishna founder Prabupada says that each human life, is a 1 in a gazillion chance, that the soul gets, to move
up higher, into the worlds of pure mass-free energy.
And think, most of us just waste it pursuing material pleasures. That is not to say the pleasures of earth are to be shunned, but don't stay here for them.... there are much better worlds. Worlds without the death and decay
that is part of our mortal existences.