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COMMENT/OBSERVATION: I so relished Lord Martin Rees' remark, "It may seem ironic that I could talk with some confidence about a galaxy a billion light years away." (o; because we don't often acknowledge that a great part of modern cosmology is more "new-age mythology" than science--because it is not based upon hard evidence, nor can it yet be confirmed by validated observations.
However, cosmology does and must provide my imagination, and capacity for wonder, generous doses of mystery and awe. As a specific foil to Lord Rees' gentle irony, NPR's Weekend Edition Sunday (5 June 2011) highlighted an aphorism by Belfast Maine family Doctor David Loxterkamp: "Patients cannot see outside their pain; we cannot see in. Relationship is the only bridge between."
Actually, for a couple of decades now, I've thought about the living red corpuscles coursing through my arteries and veins: for any awareness these cells might possess, I would say that they cannot imagine the existence of the spiral Andromeda galaxy. Even so, and to cut to the chase, I continue to hold a private axiom--that AWARENESS must be a universal property of all Matter and Energy comprising and engaging my consciousness of the cosmos. (It's a reciprocal thing between myself and You All: from the unimaginably Immense to the inscrutably Small. It's a professed "common ground" which also helps me to celebrate "the kingdom of heaven." Amen.)