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We all need to get into the institutions behind many of the phenomena we see in American life. There are institutional factors that contribute to American divisiveness and concern with self. Scholars have documented the institutions that got behind promoting capitalism, consumerism, selfishness since the 1950s, while concurrently actively undermining the institutions that brought us together. They are all points in law as much as they are social phenomena we observe. 

The Founders did not exclude Slavery for any ideological failing except that they needed landed aristocrats to include themselves in the 13 colonies to make the "revolution" work. There were plenty of people against Slavery at that time, and rather than rising to the occasion, they shut them down with the 2 votes for each State regardless of population. That was a give away to plantation owners in the South to neutralize the votes in the Northern cities that # wise would have abolished Slavery on Day 1! These institutions are the same today as they were then, and instead of protecting slave owners they protect slave makers in the very same way. And, those slave makers just like in times past live off the divided people. The efforts to divide the people since WWII and from which social quarters they came are all well documented. I hope we can get into the institutional factors that give rise to these social phenomena observed by Palmer and others. There are explanations in the money behind certain memes, and the court cases, and laws that enable them to poison us so. Plato, Herodotus, Aristophanes all wrote about the same things. Dickens wrote about such things. The people cannot have any kind of brotherly or community love for each other they wrote and the Plutocrats keep their hands on the money! Therein lies the source of these memes. We don't resemble at all our grandparents society in our social relations and there are reasons for that.