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@Toni; 2500 years ago, there was no Nepal no India; It used to be called. A Mahabaharat. Then years after smaller nations were built . By then Lumbini came under Nepal. If you can't consider this fact and say Lumbini, Nepal as a birthplace of Gautam Buddha, I don't think you should consider India as a birth place as India in itself was established in 1947. Either it should be Nepal or if you think it was thousands of years back, then why ndont you write it as a " somewhere in northern part of South Asia". It is very important to maintain this fact for Nepal and Nepalese people .and when the western media promotes the it in other way, the identity of Nepal seems to be in crisis. I would suggest you to visit Lumbini, Nepal where King Ashoka Build a enacted a pillar on the Buddhas memory