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Thanks for the piece on the work of Richard Davidson. Near the end of your article you write - "I'm left wondering how this science might reframe and enrich things like therapy, child-rearing, education, and treatment of mental disorders in the years to come. I think it will be transformative. And as Richard Davidson says near the end of our conversation, the notion of transformation is compatible with the heart of science he has always known and revered."

It is really interesting how you use the word transformational in regards to this science of the mind that Davidson is studying. Our Creator, God, inspired the apostle Paul to write in Romans 12:2 "Be ye transformed by the renewing of your mind." God knows that we can transform our lives if we renew our mind. I believe what Paul was referring to is that we are to renew our attitudes about life according to what Scripture tells us, because Scripture is our Creator's guidelines for living life. It holds the keys and principles to experiencing life as God designed us to experience.

See this article about Renewing the Mind.