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I am 42, was diagnosed with ADHD just a couple of years ago as part of my Masters degree in teaching. This added to my dyslexia and color blindness. I have taken and then stopped taking medication for the ADHD. It had a very negative affect on my moods.

Buddhist based mediation, complete with a new diet and exercise regime had significantly improved my life skills.

Thank you for sharing. I would suggest we look at holistic plans for individuals diagnosed with ADHD and other unique learning talents. Also change the language we use to describe "disability" it has huge impacts upon students and their self esteem.
I'm lucky to have an IQ of 136 and rapid motor skills. I would also suggest we look at the post k-12 support for people like me. CDC data says the cost for ADHD alone is $50 billion. We can do better that stuffing drugs into people. I believe they should be seen as a bridge technology not the long term solution.