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i bet you have had many replies. there are so many different types of meditation. i am a mediator tho i infrequently stop for a short while; never a good idea. developing compassion and coping with stresses in a compassionate way is why i meditate. my method is passage meditation; similar to centering prayer. if you have a faith tradition you might start there, what contemplative practice does your tradition offer? if no faith tradition, i would try to pursue a practice that doesn't emphasize the technique above all (specific posture, etc.). while it's important to be consistent i think in the time, place and length of your daily meditation, i don't think technique is all that critical (when asked what was the best posture for meditation, srii ramana maharshi said something like "the position in which your mind becomes still". if you want to try passage meditation look at . i think they have a Denver satsang listed...). that's one suggestion to add to your list.

Peace. Linda.