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Hi, Casondra,

My granddaughter had an early ADHD diagnosis. Medication has done her a world of good, but meditation is not rocket science- I've been on retreats for 20 years and believe me, nobody's an expert. You could begin with a body sweep. Have him lie down relaxing and talk him slowly through paying attention to his experience of his body. Breathing in and out is a standard anchor, because it's always there, each breath different. Gradually let him have longer spaces without quiet reminders about returning to the breath. If he thinks this is weird or useless, work in rewards for effort. Start small. four or so minutes. Build incrementally. I also urge you to check out and have an interview with your nearest clinic. Short, five week session, half hour a day, some very promising results. Judge for yourself. It's computer based so your son will feel it's normal. If possible, both we're only talking about 40 to 45 minutes daily. My heart broke daily for my granddaughter-don't give up. These two interventions have the strong possibility of giving your beautiful son some peace and ease. I wish you all my best, Casondra. Marie.