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Mindfulness: a Core Competency for social change professionals, for educators,healthcare professionals, corrections staff, clergy, military, etc. My work is to adapt the practices into healthcare & education, to train patients, students, parents, professionals. I serve as translator, helping people to understand practices & learn to use them within the complex regulatory systems of education & healthcare. The work is systematic, building recognition within institutions. As changes occur in policy & practice, the training & tools are becoming more widely available. More people receive empowerment from a range of mindfulness methods. I use practices of zazen, yoga, chant, meditative dance and writing. Mindfulness improves my mind. When I am mindful, my body-mind energy is stable & flexible. I am more patient & kind. My perceptions are clearer. More creative. Insight flows and inspiration is more apparent. Mindfulness tames my ego, helps me stay focused on service to humanity, helps me avoid petty distractions. It gives my mind discernment & integrity. Keeps a diamond in my mind. Makes me a more effective therapist, able to find & use creative ways to teach people to cultivate contentment and reduce suffering. Karma Carpenter "KC" Shea "Keeping body in mind at work, at school, at play."