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I often struggle with difficulty dealing with setbacks and challenges so I found this show fascinating. When I became unwell with a rare illness that caused me to have anxiety, something I had not experienced before, I began to truly understand and believe in the concept of mind over matter because it was necessary to my getting through the panic. Reading buddhist writings has helped with this immensely, although I find all spiritual writing interesting and helpful.

It seems like common-sense that children be taught these skills in school. Too often they are punished for behavior that is reflecting how they feel. They need to be taught how to separate feeling from action, how to empathize with others, how to react to challenges and setbacks rather than just be punished for something they may not really understand.

A good friend who was a 1st and 2nd grade teacher did this with her classroom kids. She taught them skills to help them deal with problems at school, tools in their toolbox. It made a huge difference for these kids - for many of them it was not something they could have come up with on their own and that was the only way they were going to get this information. Too bad it wasn't adopted by the school as policy that it should be continued all the way through the grades.

Thank you for a great show!