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Hi Krista and Friends,

Your story this week made me formulate this question that has been building for a while now, due in part to other stories on your wonderful program, going back to the early days of Speaking of Faith. These stories, and especially today's, have made me realize that I need to find some kind of meditation method or spiritual practice.

But there are so many different types of meditation methods and spiritual practices. How can I find the right one for me? At my fairly advanced age, conducting a systematic search would take too long with little likelihood of finding it before I leave this earth.

Is there someone who can help me find the right thing, or a book or something? I might add that I’ve been a student and sometimes teacher of Tai Chi for many years (about 40 years). I have found that it has been a positive force in my life in some ways, but not as powerfully as I would like. I feel that at this stage I need something else and I have no idea what that would be.

Thank you for any response you (or anyone) is willing to give.

Craig Rice
Denver, Colorado