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I found this discussion fascinating in many ways. I have a grandson with a rare neural migration condition called ILS -Isolated Lissencephaly, which is Greek for smooth brain. Among other distinguishing factors is an almost complete absence of sulci & gyra. He is profoundly physically and mentally retarded. There is no cure, there is no treatment (other than trying to achieve and maintain seizure control) and there was no "warning" during pregnancy or birth. Yet, within that 20 month old body is a distinctly human person with a strong personality. He constantly challenges me to re-evaluate what I thought I knew about consciousness, the mind, the self, the soul. I applaud those whose scientific efforts help to bring more light to the amazing organ we call the brain. We believe there is alot going on with that little guy and regret that we have so little familiarity with ways to "read" him. Hopefully, continued research will open pathways for him or others like him in the future.