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Thank you so much for this show and the many others exploring the link between health and mindfulness. Although I was already familiar with much of Richard Davidson's work, I was not aware of his work with children and specifically with autism. I was so excited to hear this mentioned during the show and am eager to learn more. I am actively seeking out research and input on using mindfulness practices with young children.

I am currently developing a new center in Vermont to serve children and families affected by autism. The Sapphire Center's philosophy is grounded in a relationship based approach and informed by the scientific research coming from the field of interpersonal neurobiology. Mindfulness practices are a key element of the work with children, parents and staff. It was interesting to see another person's comment about Charlotte Mason's approach as we have also incorporated some aspects of it into our curriculum.

Thank you again to On Being for cultivating a community of inquiry, dialogue and inspiration!