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Chomsky did much research to show we have ingrained ability to learn grammatical rules and this learning occurs at a largely unconscious basis as we internalize from hearing others, these rules and children whose learning ability for language is quite plastic, when very young, seem to grab these intuitively and quickly. Something is guiding their consciousness and allowing them to jump the gaps. These are really good examples to try with children.

I am doing something with words that is in a way, deeper, in showing that the letters carry meaning and that letters imbedded in words have intrinsic meaning, and also that it is actually possible to jump across seemingly unrelated languages and find within, geodes of meaning using one's knowledge of one's native language and a working familiarity with two others. The aural connects carry meaning and so do the written connects, in a divine kind of plasticity. We all use words so easily, so fluently, so cleverly, so well, but do we ever really wonder why we can do, what we do with this magic clay? This alchemy, called language?

I do. I have asked this question, and I am waiting for others to play ball. There is a deep spirituality of this that does go back to the words, In the Beginning Was the Word. I have been explicating this through letters around the world for a long time, and in a Diary that I say, is so astounding, even I fall down in examining the contents, which are about words, about language, about symbolic connects and all creativity, and about the profound synchronicity that follows my everyday life.

I think we're headed for a profound opening of consciousness.