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Zombies symbolize emptiness and their present popularity could be prophesying our future. Since 'Eve' asked "Why am I?" and discovered the void our ancestors created a history of trying to fill it. For millennia they tried but failed to fill the void with increasing numbers of religious/philosophical answers. Their efforts to fill in the gaps created seven other ways of trying to fill the void. Fairly recently the always dominant religious/philosophical reaction to the void was replaced by our effort to fill the void with money and all the stuff it can buy. However, the economy that evolved to support our materialistic reaction is on the verge of collapsing. Occupying the world's streets without apparent focus could be predicting the consequence its collapse. It is difficult to focus on emptiness. If my analysis is correct there are two possibilities for our future. We can let the increasing sense of emptiness destroy us or we can finally decide to end all efforts to fill the void and allow the "ideal reaction" those efforts have long suppressed, to return us to life.