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4. "...People can be converted and be worse than they were before.”.... When people are converted they are worse off then they were before. Religion inhibits wonder. see 6.

6. “Even if everything was perfect, we’d still need to be aware of the spirit moving in our lives so we continue to grow.”.....When you tie yourself to a religion the "spirit' can no longer move you.

9. “What young people are looking for more than anything is authenticity.”.....What people have looked for since 'Eve' first asked is the answer to "Why am I?" Increasing numbers of young people are realizing the answers given by religions are fake-believe.

12. “The idea of liberal vs. religious is a crazy dichotomy.”.....Religions vs religions are insane divisions.

15. “To be an educated leader in the world you…have to be able to talk to people across religious divides.”.....An educated religious leader maintains "religious divides" for his own self-interest. Wise leaders will heal the divides. If we're going to survive we all need to be wise leaders.

17. “The question is are we willing to be on the same page; some people are just not.”..... Religious people can't be on the same page and keep their religious beliefs.

19. “Interfaith dialogue is for people who take religion and big ideas seriously and want to go deeper.”....Interfaith dialogue is for people who have small ideas and can't go deeper. see 15. & 17.

23. “My primary sense of who I am is as a minister.”.....a religious leader. see 15.