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I am sorry to say that until Dennis Ritchie died recently I failed to perceive the truth about Steve Jobs and how people think of him. Dennis Ritchie was the creator of C and a creator of Unix, among other things. He was a true technology innovator and much of what he created was shared with the world and used to develop other technology. Steve Jobs made heavy use of his work. Jobs is known not for technology he created but for technology he mass produced in third world sweat shops and sold. Xerox developed the Graphical User Interface and shared it with the world, including Steve Jobs and Bill Gates.  Those two tried to patent it to stop others from using it and fought court battles over it. This was and is the standard practice of Apple and Microsoft. Apple is currently using this strategy to maintain market share of tablets by using the courts to stop Samsung from selling their tablets under the pretense that Apple created touch screens and owns the idea. Apple products are built by workers in unsafe conditions that have harmed many workers. But Steve Jobs is revered because he manufactured and made available, for just the price of the device, a pretty product that allows fortunate people to feel more fortunate. This is not an indictment of any individual, but of our society.