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If life has a purpose it is "to reach out to the limits of our capacities, to others, to God". It happens to be the "ideal reaction to the void" which is what we discover when we ask "Why am I?" To reach out to the limits of our mental capacities requires knowledge.

When 'Eve' asked the question of meaning for the first time she made the "ideal reaction" optional by giving humanity two other ways of reacting to the void. One of these was trying to fill the void. For centuries our ancestors tried to fill the void with religious/philosophical answers and we still try this way. Today, though trying to fill the void with money and all the stuff it buys, our materialistic reaction to the void, dominates, there are six others. Among them is our factual reaction to the void with which we try to fill the void with facts and information.

I didn't cry when Steve Job died. I just wondered if those who did were moved to tears because they sensed the loss of someone who enabled us to acquire knowledge or who created paraphernalia that enabled us to 'mainline' information.