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Shows such as Dexter, True Blood, and the Walking Dead are bringing out a deep sense of meaninglessness and divine absences. Morality is turned inside out. These TV shows bring out the darkness of the world. Most shows question where God is throughout all their sufferings. I absolutely love Dexter. I own every season, and stay up to date on the new season weekly. I love the show because of its relation to God. Dexter's main purpose is to try to lead himself out of the darkness that has enveloped him since he was a child. Dexter must make his way to the light. Shows such as Dexter take our questions of God to the extreme. They help us to question things that some are too scared to question. These TV shows bring out a dark reflection on humanity. The TV shows make us view the souls of the people being portrayed. It makes us take a look at actions and consequences. Shows like Dexter are needed, so that we may look at the negative in life. It helps to question the things that so many of us are afraid to.