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This conversation interested me because it is about many of the shows I enjoy watching like The Walking Dead, Lost, Breaking Bad, etc and how those shows pertain to faith and beliefs. They bring up many universal questions that people have always had, but in a much more dramatic way that is very fascinating to me and many others. Questions like where is God in my suffering, and what happens to morality during a crisis? These questions have been asked countless times over the centuries by people, so people can relate when T.V. shows bring out extreme scenarios that ask and somewhat answer these questions in their own way. The majority of peoples’ faith or beliefs teach of being a good, moral person, which tend to be easier to do when times are good. These beliefs aren’t really tested until a time of crisis, which happens often in these shows. People like to watch them and hope that they would be the brave person doing the right thing, and these shows bring out both the good and bad sides of people in very difficult times.