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I just finished listening to Krista's unedited conversation with Ms. Winston and I loved it! I was a little suprised that as far as reality shows were concerned, Sister Wives wasn't mentioned. In my opinion, the show does a very good job of discussing the Mormon religion and doesn't just use the family's poligamy for plot value. Another reality show that I find informative, [but may be too new ro be mentioned,] is All-American Muslim. The show profile's Musslim's who range from Conservitave to exteremly Liberal. They have a segmant on the show were they discuss issues that are considered Controversial. Would you consider discussinf these shows on a future radio program? Another show that I love [and was curious as to whether Americans know about,] is a Canadian dramady called Being Erica. It's in it's last season and is similar to Enlightened. Erica woeks in a dead-end office job and has trouble with her family and realtionships. She tries to commit suicide but is brought back to life by a man named Doctor Tom who wants to help her. After Erica chooses to live, Doctor Tom bcomes her terapist and sends her back in time so that she may fix her past mistakes. Eventually Erica becomes a Doctor herself and has to help other people in the same way. I a;m sorry for writing so much, but I just wanted to tell you about thes shows you might've missed.