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First I enjoyed the conversation. I seem to enjoy the openness of "maybe it means this, or maybe that"; that this show dealt with what many average people are experiencing right now; and that it was only minimally constrained by the need to defer to or comply with any ancient dogma. I was most interested in the conjunction within one program of a traditional all-loving God and and also a God with something in common with monsters, of script writers and actors professing to experience God and then having something very bad happen. This leads to my belief that people understand God, if there is a God, about the way that worms understand people. We can not reconcile Japan getting nuked once by the U.S. Air Force and then again by a tsunami, or The Holocaust, or the fact that right now this very second people are being tortured to death in various prisons around the world, always have been, and there's no sign it will stop, with a benevolent God as we understand "benevolent". So as far as we actually know we're here alone in nature, where in general the strong eat the weak, and with science and the evolution of systems of law and justice we have made some progress, but now, with our planet in real danger, the anti-scientific religious allies of the lords of greed in this country had better shut up so we can pass some carbon emissions control legislation. China and India? I don't know much about them but if New York and LA are under water they'll be in trouble too, so they had better do the same.