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As a Muslim, it bothered me that Diane Winston, an educated professor and presumably ecumenical actor, would jump to the conclusion that she did as she watched the episode of "Homeland Security" that revealed that the hero veteran was a Muslim convert. Especially with this kind of show (though I confess I have only seen the first episode, I do not consume a lot of television) that seemed to demand of the audience to question its assumptions. Regardless of how the show turned out (and it would be devastating if the veteran turned out to be guilty of treason), the mentally disturbed state of the show's female protagonist would seem to me to be an allegory of the US public mind set post 9/11. A Muslim saying his prayers in the normal universe is just that, a Muslim saying his prayers. But as I recall, post 9/11, a member of the president's secret service traveling while off duty was hauled off an airplane because he was reading a book that appeared to be written in Arabic.
Krista, thank you for your perspective.