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I think it is interesting why we like these shows, with vampires and bad guys who are good guys(in a sense). I have only seen a few of the shows they talked about. Dexter, for example, is one I have seen. I only watched the first episode and it was pretty disturbing. I'm considering giving it another chance....
One of the interesting things I took from the show was the more in depth look into the symbolism of the characters and the symbolism of their progression throughout the show. I usually watched for face value and didn't look any deeper. For example, the vampire shows depicting the vampires as those who are different and how they try to fit in. I think that is a very important point. Another reason for these shows could be to try to understand how people come to be that way(as in Dexter or Breaking Bad). It's so easy to judge someone on what they've done, but to see how they got to that point is a whole different story. It's make the plot more believable and the characters more human.
We are always searching and sometimes we find small parts of ourselves in these shows. Whether it's good or bad, we learn something about ourselves from it.