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I enjoyed this broadcast. Most of the TV programs that were talked about I have seen at some point and I do watch The Walking Dead.

I like when they said in The Walking Dead the living actually become the walking dead. They truly do become the walking dead, they are thrown into terrible situations where they have to become numb to all the evil around them and they almost end up dead inside themselves. The Walking Dead is a very dark view of life or how life could be. I agree when Rick, who isn’t a religious man, comes upon a church and asks god for a sign of hope and then his son is shot in a hunting accident, it is similar to Abraham and Isaac. Not the sign of hope Rick was hoping for and it added even another struggle to his story but he is stronger for feeling the potential loss, having prayed and his son survived against the odds. There is hope.

I do think some of today’s programming is this generations was of asking, where is god? The programs find the good and bad in people and not all heros are righteous. Even the good guys have flaws and don’t always do the right thing, very similar to biblical stories.