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My take on the recent trend of TV shows and movies with supernatural characters (zombies-vampires-werewolves) is that they are less about spirituality and more about how we deal with the "other". I think it's important that the creatures in these shows share two characteristics:

1) They are formerly human and/or can easily be mistaken for human. These are not "Aliens" type monsters.

2) They exist in large numbers and have their own social groups and social structures. These are not one-off monsters like Dracula or Frankenstein's monster or The Mummy.

The combination of those two factors means that they dwell among us and need to be dealt with on an ongoing basis. They can pass as human. We don't know what they're really like until they show us their fangs or fur. Or they used to be human -- our friends, our neighbors, our family -- until they turned into something else. So how are we going to deal with these creatures? Are we going to "take them out" or are we going to learn how to live with them, understand them, or even love them?

Consider the fragmentation of American society and all the opposing groups we see around us today: left vs. right, 99% vs. 1%, gay vs. straight, Christian vs. Muslim vs. secular. Regardless of which side of those divides we're on, when we encounter the "other" are we going to see them as a "monster"? Are we going to take them out or learn to live with them, understand them, or even love them?