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This was a very interesting broadcast. I feel like it definitely applies to a lot of people, because watching television is such a big part of everyone's lives. The shows they touched on are also really big. The only one of the shows I have watched is Dexter. I personally really like this show. I do notice parts in the show that seem to be ironic. For instance, there has been episodes where he struggles with God. Basically the Is there really a God out there, and why would he make me this way if there were? I think this is pretty big question that many people struggle with. I think it is part of humanity to question God and his exsistance. I don't necessarily believe that religious pieces are put in these shows for marketing. I think it's just such a normal part of life that it would almost seem weird to not incorporate it in the show. I'm sure if you watched any show, violent or not, religious pieces would come up. Most of the time you probably wouldn't even notice since it is such a normal thing. I did find it interesting in the broadcast when they stated it was easier to watch Walking Dead or True blood because they aren't real. So apparently it is better to watch some zombies sitting before a crucifix versus a real human being. I just thought that was weird. If a religion is being demoralized in any show, weather zombies are involved or not, I think it has the same emotion on the viewer.