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As one who has officially died twice (25 years ago in a car wreck and 2 years ago with a cardiac arrest), my experience of death is like turning off the TV. It is a non-experience. The "superego" often dressed up as the Church spends our lifetime convincing us death is something to fear. Therefore, much of the counseling preceding death is dealing more with the fears of those surrounding the dying. I am convinced from my own experience that prior to dying there is a dissolving of the ego, a stepping outside of this thing we call life or as Meister Eckhart called it, a detachment. We are just another weed in the garden that marks a season.

"So long as you haven't experienced this: to die and so to grow/ you are only a troubled guest/ on the dark earth."~Goethe

Being "just another weed in the garden" becomes a beautiful place to be. It is an understanding, of sorts.