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What a poignant article!
I was born and raised in Germany where we had religion class all throughout our school careers. Although I cannot claim to have read the bible front to back, I have gained a pretty good overview of all the "big" story lines. At the same time we also learned about Hinduism, Buddhism, Islam, Judaism as well as other ethics and philosophies... all the way to Marxism and Nietzsche.
 This educational exposure to Christianity (Catholicism in specific) did little to convert or "taint" me. The only thing it did was give me an awareness of the world's diversity and how yet, there are still commonly shared values throughout the entire world.
More importantly it made non-Christians less intimidating and brought them closer to my awareness as people like you and me.
Personally I broke with my organized Christianity roots when I was 14, but never lost the wealth and relevance of stories and rituals absorbed from them.