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You have eloquently and intelligently 'hit the nail on the head.'
I too think the death  penalty wrong regardless of the victim.  Yet faced with Troy Davis, we not only had to contend with a punishment that we believe to be wrong, but the fact that the chances were excellent that he shouldn't be punished at all.  Repealing the death penalty sometimes feel like an impossible task and while we keep trying, perhaps it is not surprising that when confronted with two victims, and one has a more obvious reason for our sympathy' and has been failed by the justice 'system' that we do have , it is easier to go to work for him?  It is in part an aspect of our human frailty to work harder for the one we perceive to be 'the good guy,' even when others are being wrongly treated as well?  Too Troy Davis' case highlights the cruely and injustice of the death penalty as a whole.  And as he himself so compassionately and intelligently pointed out on his blog the day before he died, we must use the injustice of his death to try harder to change the system for everyone.