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What I did not find in Joanna Brooks' interview was sufficient attention to how Mormons and Mormonism are active now, in contemporary social and political life. The interviewer early on says she won't begin with "the big one" or polygamy; but that is by now an artifact of history with little to no bearing on day-to-day life, either for Mormons or the rest of us.

What does count is the insular mindset of many Mormons; Joanna Brooks herself says to begin that her life as a Mormon provides all she could possibly want. But an outsider may be what it takes to ask the question, "What is missing from this picture?"

What is missing, it seems to me, is a deeper social consciousness, or, to but it bluntly, conscience. The story of Prop 8 in California in 2008 is as instructive in this as anything. Ask a Mormon what their values, as brought forth from the sources in the faith, would be, and the responses are instructive, and discouraging. No one will say the Church made a mistake or that active and illegal interference in the political process should be open to question.

This, to this reader, is a grave issue but one not addressed in polite society, of which "Your Voices" functions as a primary element.