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Some notes about this excellent conversation:

Mormon 'underwear' is similar to a Catholic scapular: we wear it next to our skin, and it reminds us and is a symbol of our devotion to Mary and to prayer and to live in constant presence of God. Next time someone criticized it, she can compare it to a Catholic scapular.

It sounds like Mormonism is a kind of evangelical or fundamentalist outgrouth of mainline Protestantism. Maybe they have more in commonn with the Fundamentalists that other groups. I was impressed with the Mormon's devotion to the person of Jesus.

Of course the Mormon faith strongly supports morality. They have opposition to same sex marriage in common with the Catholic Church, and I appreciate their organization's efforts in this area. At this time when morality is under attack, they are fighting the good fight. One of the most pro-life senators is Oren Hatch, and he is a Mormon.

Polygamy is made more of than it deserves. Polygamy was allowed in the Old Testament for periods of time, and what is against it is that it doesn't mirror the love of Christ for his Church: one bride, one groom. But it's not on the immoral level at all of abortion, or embryonic stem cell research, etc. - she can bring this up when polygamy comes up.

The Catholic Church studied Mormon theology and decided they couldn't officially be called Christian because their concept of the Trinity is so different, but this doesn't affect the Mormons' devotion to the person of Jesus, and their everyday moral living.

Their belief that their is a female God also might be an intuition about a Catholic teaching, that God is neither male nor female, but Spirit, and having both characteristics (or how else could God create both?), and also an intuition about Mary's role and place.

The idea that the family is eternal is interesting, and healthy, if pushed a little too far. In heaven we will be reunited with family, of course, but our central union is in Christ. And we can't say that we knew each other before birth. But the emphasis on the family, especially today, is very healthy.