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Thank you very much for your episode on "Demystifying Mormons." As an active, mainline Mormon, I usually cringe to listen to anything about our church made by anyone not a fellow member. I get tired of hearing how strange I am, how foolish my beliefs and traditions what a welcome treat to listen to your thoughtful, respectful, unbiased conversation with Joanna Brooks! You have no idea how much it means to me to hear many of my most sensitive beliefs treated with such careful consideration and regard.

I am one of the "white knuckle" Mormons who thinks it might be better if Mitt doesn't spend too much time in the public spotlight...not because I am embarrassed to talk about my beliefs, but because I feel like there aren't enough people like you and Joanna, who can speak so clearly about the questions of faith each individual Mormon deals with privately on such a public stage. (Plus my wife dated one of Romney's sons in I wouldn't mind my mother-in-law not being able to rub that in for the rest of my life!).

Again, thank you so much for the respect you showed my faith. I especially appreciated the question that suggested the notion that, while I subscribe to a particular theology, I am an individual who continues to grow and adapt in my own way.

You have earned a loyal listener...and given me a great example of how to respect others' views and seek to understand.