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I married into a high ranking Mormon family in Utah (the governor was their family home elder that visited on Monday evenings). It was a shocking experience. I learned they not only focus on their ancestry, they pray to them. They made it clear that their ancestors could become "gods" based upon the number of offspring they had through genealogy. Also, the prevalence of polygamy in outer suburbs of Salt Lake City is well established, as in the southern four corners, north of Ogden, Utah, and into Eastern Nevada and throughout Idaho. I saw a very different model, with minimal rights and emphasis on women - there was never any mention of a husband and wife (mother-father) figures in heaven, only fathers and men who were leaders in the faith on earth. So, I believe the author, growing up in CA, may have been shielded from the extreme Mormonism in Utah. My now ex-in-laws made it clear that women are not allowed into heaven or to be come "gods" unless they were married and bonded forever to her husband. She will always be subservient to a husband, the one she is sealed to for life. So, they have a strong maternal link, but not a strong women as an individual. They do not respect or approve women to be individuals in their own right. They feel the same way about homosexuals. I spent 6 months married before I had to leave, and it took me two months to get divorced mostly because divorce was an embarrassment. The family fought the divorce with every dollar they could muster and influenced by work environment. I escaped and now live in Minnesota.