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With all the hype surrounding Mitt Romney as a candidate for President of the United States, there has been a LOT of reports and speculation about the church and Mormons in general. Most of the information is somewhat correct and objective, but I have read and heard WAY too much that is incorrect, misinformed, skewed, and flat-out ignorant. As a life-long Mormon, I was curious to hear what Ms. Brooks had to say.

Overall, I was very pleased. Her interview was well thought out, candid, and honest. She tackled controversial topics with ease and explained things very well. My husband didn’t appreciate how she worded some things, but I have no complaints. There were a few times when she broached the more sensitive and “scandalous” issues that I cringed, waiting to hear how she would expound on the difficult subjects (i.e. polygamy, race, GLBT, garments, etc.) but she was more open and direct than I could ever hope to be.

One thing that has been bothering me lately is hearing over and over that Mormons are not Christian, despite the fact the church is called The Church of JESUS CHRIST of Latter-Day Saints, we read His scriptures, study His teachings, and try to follow his example. Ms. Brooks had this to say about the subject: “…[A]s someone whose faith and whose Mormon-founded faith has centered a great deal around Jesus Christ in thinking about the Atonement and the power of forgiveness and grace in everyday life, it still is strange to encounter the notion that Mormons aren't Christians. Christian then reveals itself to become a word that's used instrumentally perhaps to authorize some forms of belief and not others, but not to actually describe the way an individual relates to the notion of Jesus Christ.” While it doesn’t make sense that someone can use the word “Christian” instrumentally instead of as a way to describe how a person acts on their beliefs in Jesus Christ, I finally understand where those people are coming from.

It was also refreshing to hear Ms. Brooks’ logical explanation of the Mormon view of family and the eternities, as well as our day-to-day way of living. I also enjoyed hearing about her experience with feminism and liberalism at BYU, a Mormon University. I grew up very sheltered, and as an adult I am realizing there is a very fine line between what is OK with forward thinking and what is too radical to be in line with the church’s doctrine and is therefore not tolerated. As with any religion, there are lines you do not cross because it will do more harm than good in the whole scheme of things. Sometimes, though, knowing where to find that line is tricky when it comes to hot-button issues.

I highly recommend this broadcast to anyone who has questions or is curious about the Mormon faith.