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Glad I read your fluent, calm critique before I commented! I love Krista's presentations, but feel she just let Brooks prattle on, with her romantic conception of LDS religion, community and history. What was incredibly missing was the question of Romney's religion with and how it would affect the great power the Presidency bestows. Romney the Mormon must proceed differently than Nixon the Quaker or Kennedy the Catholic. They never claimed to believe in (and certainly did not practice) their respective orthodoxies. Romney was a BISHOP and his father was on the highest level of power/control in the LDS church (and would have become President-Prophet if he had lived a few more years). Can politics among the LDS be disassociated from religious principle? Joseph Smith wished to be president of the USA. Young's defense of polytheism delayed Utah statehood for decades. The Mormons divide all humanity into "us" and "them" (like most religions do, admittedly; but deny the latter even attending and viewing many sanctifying observances. And clearly their inquisitorial practices match or exceed anything in the Roman Church (when it was active) or even in Hitler's Germany, Stalin's Russia, and Mao's China. (I won't comment on the Steppford-like buzz of Brooks' or Romney's words, ideas, and even physical expression - unless you request me too. Unfortunately it is too common in too many groups to be unique, but it always indicates whose authority the affected person submits to.) I am very disappointed, and even a little suspicious, that Krista Tippett permitted this display.