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while I respect Krista and this program very much it's got to be said that ANYONE who believes this HUGE fraud perpetrated by Joe Smith- with his fake 'golden tablets' and 'seer stones' and the blond Jeebus with the Angel Moron-i and Gawd living on the Planet Kolob, etc. - is delusional or mentally retarded...srsly how does this Moron 'scholar' (now THERE'S an oxymoron) justify spending her entire human life wasted on such total non-sense, and the thought of electing some Moron for President is just absurd, like we need someone who believes in fairy tales as President of the US...what a waste of public airwaves and $$$, I turned the channel after 15 minutes and I NEVER switch channels on Krista! I'm actually embarrassed for her having to listen to this total load of shouldn't take any semi-intelligent person more than an hour of research to understand what an illiterate con man Joe Smith was and how he sold this river of snake oil to gullible fools, to make this 'faith' the foundation of your life is building on quicksand...the dogmatic doctrinal garbage is even more ridiculous than the Catholic church's non-sense, hell South Park has a better understanding of Mormonism than 'Mormon Girl' OR Krista!