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Blessings and gratitude to Joanna Brooks, and of coures to Krista T, for a deeply helpful and moving moment of reflection from Prof Brooks's outpost on the edges of her faith and subculture. Joanna had me crying, and we Seventh-day Adventists (another weird, restorationist, prophet-founded faith/subculture arising out of the Burned-Over District of 19th-century America) don't usually cry that much. (Don't remember ever seeing kleenex on an SDA pulpit.) So much is so familiar, especially the devastation of Joanna's early 20s faith transition in the midst of bureaucratic crack-down. I've been in the middle of two such disasters in my own career. I'm especially grateful for the model of 'Mormon Girl' ministering to those on the edges and in transition. It's a bit like what I do in my spiritual home--though I'm in a bit more exposed place working for a denominational school. Nevertheless, the bonds of faith and family run deep among us too, and I do my best to strengthen the bonds in honesty and truthfulness about how much we don't know for sure and how broken and limited we all are. Joanna offers this kind of ministry in exemplary fashion, and I draw strength for my calling from her example. Thanks again.