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I found Raushenbush's conversation to be informative and interesting. I thoroughly enjoyed the few minutes they took to speak about religion's impact on the human, the power that it has over us. Raushenbush said that it is religion that prevents us from doing things like picking up a gun, or bullying or other immoral things. This made me think of the issue of virtue, and whether it comes from within, or if it is something we learn. However, the part nearer to the end about putting things into perspective is what I was blessed by most.

I had already been pondering those ideas before listening to the broadcast. In our individual lives, there's so much we can get upset about or concerned about, which at the end of the day, mean nothing. Raushenbush made it clear that there is a bigger picture — God's kingdom. I love bringing myself back to a place of peace (when I'm anxious about a bill or an event, etc…) when I remind myself that it doesn't really matter, the bigger picture is God's purpose and what he is accomplishing. His will being done on earth as it is in heaven.