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What struck me from this article (of course it was Rowan Williams who said it) was the idea that God might be useless. Its the arrogance of man that demands God be useful whereas its only by the grace of God that he is useful to us at all. We don't expect God to control our lives, otherwise we wouldn't be able to do what we like, yet we expect him to be there at the 11th hour when only God or Superman can save us.

Its a sad irony that God's grace is most evident when he apparently fails us. If the US government had any humility it would have sought God after 9/11 and held its hand out to a hurting world. In brokenness it could have turned the hatred that fuelled the attack into a war on hatred. Its not 'in God we trust' but 'in God we expect'. Jesus didn't expect his Father to save him from the cross yet his sense of betrayal was striking. It was at the cross that God was most useless to Jesus and his disciples because he had no interest in saving the situation. Yet trust in God was ultimately vindicated.