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When the dust and dust has died down, maybe there's more consideration of the reason for the attack on America. I hope I won't be beaten down and vilified for even sugggesting a culpability but bear with me.

We speak of guilt of omission, and I believe that there are no innocent victims in the message the terrorists sent us, all due respects to the families of those who perished. Of course it's a huge act of over-kill that the terrorists perpetrated but when we Americans own up to the karma of our arrogance and treatment of other nations and religions where we lord it over the world as we have done and still do, everytime we assert our superiority and in effect tell other nations we're the best and you're not, who wouldn't resent this? Then we perpetrate a lot of crimes against humanity in the way we exploit or cause the ruination of many ecologies of places and don't own up to it, back dictators who oppress their own people, and run roughshod over cultures with a cultural display of  licentiousness, violence, greed and other negative traits that rightfully dismay the sensibilities of more sober people.

So even "innocent victim" Americans, who by not protesting  injustice and crimes against humanity collude against other peoples suffering by American exploitation and by our overwhelming hegemony of the world as glitzily displayed on television received a powerful pushback by some very angry protestors, as over-the-top as it may have been. With payment of taxes, whether we approve of American foreign policy or not, we in effect are in collusion with that policy. And continue to do so.

It's a karmic pushback which may be being addressed when America has assumed a less hegemonic role in world affairs becoming part of a coalition to quell terrorism and violations against human rights.

When we consider the future, with the revving up of competition for natural resources and for bigger corporation profits by more determined players on the scene, I dread a trajectory of more and more conflicts.

I see a dynamic that the Buddhist speaker described from the Mahabharata where there are never winners in wars and the ones to come will be Armageddon like with certainly no winners, only survivors of a seriously compromised world reduced to a wasteland.

I hope that the cosmic cliffhanger, whether humanity will come to a collective higher consciousness that will eschew war and come to collective senses will transpire before the end-game wars bring humanity to extinction.

We and all nations of the world must learn to coexist peaceably on this planet, listen to our critics and learn what they are trying to tell us, heed those messages and mend our ways. We all must learn to be humble enough to avoid the arrogance of needing to be top dog of the world, to honor and respect other cultures and peoples if we can expect to have a peaceful world we all would want.

Someone tell me I'm talking nonsense.